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Tips to Prevent Fraud

General Tips

* Member registration on Findapart Classifieds is limited to Australia & New Zealand only. This will prevent a lot of potential fraud but you still need to exercise caution to insure the transactions you enter into do not turn sour.

* Deal locally with buyers and sellers you can meet in-person – this is the easiest rule to ensure you avoid any possible scam.

* Avoid Shady Sellers- Go beyond the screen name to confirm the seller’s email address and physical location. Use the Contact Seller form to ask a question or request additional pictures. Check the shipping and handling charges and make sure you agree with any terms and conditions included in the listing. Determine the seller’s accepted payment methods. Review the return policy.

* Read Between the Lines – Read the item’s description carefully. What does it say? Is there a picture? Beware of stock images for used items. Insist on actual photos of the item up for auction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for clarification of anything unclear or missing form the ad’s description.

* Don’t Bite on Phishing Schemes- Email messages that appear to be from FINDAPART Classifieds and ask for sensitive information or require you to log-in are designed to provide hackers the information they need to hack into your FINDAPART Classifieds account. Don’t click on any link and don’t reply. To confirm the authenticity from an email that appears to originate from the auction site, type FINDAPART Classifieds URL directly into your browser and login.. Forward and suspected fraudulent emails via the contact/feedback page of http://www.classifieds.findapart.com.au

* If PayPal has sent you an email, go directly to http://www.paypal.com and sign into your account. Also, if PayPal has sent you a notification regarding a recent transaction event, a record of the transaction event will appear on the ‘Overview’ screen of your ‘My Account’ tab. You can forward suspicious emails to spoof@paypal.com.

* FINDAPART Classifieds is never involved in any part of any transaction – any email seeking funds to be paid through FINDAPART Classifieds is a fake.

* Fake cheques and fake Paypal eCheques are possible – always confirm with your bank that the funds have cleared

* Avoid any deals with people claiming to need large shipping or insurance costs

* Taking simple preventive measures, such as creating a good passwords, can significantly decrease the threat of identity theft. If you have a relatively simple password, other individuals might be able to access your accounts via automated password crackers. When choosing a password, use a combination of at least 6 to 8 letters, numbers, and special characters (Ex: doors2me#). In order to assure that your passwords are secure, you should change your FINDAPART Classifieds and PayPal passwords every 30-60 days.

Buyer Tips

* Information on FINDAPART Classifieds  (www.classifieds.findapart.com.au) may contain errors. Beware of buying items you cannot pick up in person at the time of payment. Items may not arrive if you send or transfer payment prior to taking delivery. Buyers are responsible for checking all published item details prior to purchase. FINDAPART Classifieds only accepts advertisements for items located in Australia and New Zealand. Beware of advertisers promoting sale of items not located in these Countries.

* Legitimate sellers are all too happy to provide a response to your questions. It means they are interested in promoting the sale. If you are getting a feeling that the seller is avoiding your questions or providing limited information, you are best to avoid the sale.

* Use extra caution with unknown or new buyers or buyers who ask you to ship urgently or overnight.

Seller Tips

* FINDAPART Classifieds is an excellent way to sell, but exercise caution dealing with potential buyers.
* Respond promptly to buyer questions.
* Your listing should clearly state all buyer policies like shipping times, feedback, etc.
* Ship with a tracking number and insure the item.
* Maintain a record of shipping receipts as proof the item was shipped.
* Keep copies of any proof of your item’s authenticity.
* Only ship items to the verified billing address on the buyer’s credit card account.

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